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New York’s HAUS of ALTR releases new 21-track compilation

MoMA Ready, AKA Gallery S, curates new collection featuring Kush Jones, Tim Reaper, JADALAREIGN, Martyn Bootyspoon, Black Rave Culture, AceMo and more

New York’s HAUS of ALTR releases new 21-track compilation

New York label HAUS of ALTR is back with a new compilation, out now. Listen to 'HOA021' below. 

The 21-track compilation marks the 21st release on MoMA Ready's label. His usual collaborators AceMo, Kush Jones, DJ SWISHA feature on solo and joint tracks, plus contributions from Tim Reaper, Martyn Bootyspoon, JADALAREIGN, Huey MnemonicEscaflowne and more. DC trio Black Rave Culture have a spot on the tracklist, as well as individual slots for each member James Bangura, Nativesun and Amal. 

This is HAUS of ALTR's third release of the year, following June's Gallery S (MoMA Ready's alternate alias) album, 'No Future For Cowardice', and a Kush Jones EP in January. 

Revisit Colin Joyce's 2020 interview with MoMa Ready and AceMo after the release of their first joint full-length LP, 'A New Dawn'.

Check out the 'HOA021' compilation on Bandcamp, and listen to it below.