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A newly discovered Frankie Knuckles track is set for release

'I Want The Love Of My Own' was found in the vaults of Chicago label DJ International 

A newly discovered Frankie Knuckles track is set for release.

Taken from reel-to-reel tape from some of the late house pioneer's early studio sessions in the 1980s, 'I Want The Love Of My Own' was discovered in the vaults of Chicago label DJ International. Previously unheard and unreleased, the single has been restored from tape since being recorded over 30 years ago, and mixed by Knuckles’ collaborator Eric Kupper.

News of the release was announced yesterday, 25th August, AKA Frankie Knuckles Day, an annual day of celebration of the Chicago legend. A street in Chicago was renamed Frankie Knuckles Way in 2004, when the city  officially recognised his contributions to music, and declared that the 25th August would forever be known as Frankie Knuckles Day. 

Thought to be the only remaining unreleased Knuckles material, the track is being planned for a special October release to celebrate the 35th anniversary of his first release, 1986's 'You Can't Hide'. 

Last year, a posthumous Knuckles single, 'Carefree (I Am A Star)', was released. Last month, four of his unreleased remixes got a vinyl reissue and 5000 records from his collection went on display in a New York gallery.

Widely known as the godfather of house music, Knuckles died in 2014, aged 59.