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Nine Ibiza venues have been forced to close due to noise crackdowns

For up to two weeks this upcoming summer…

Nine yet-to-be-detailed Ibiza venues will be forced to close down during summer 2018. The closures are central to the San Antonio region and last for upwards of two weeks.

The area's venues will be further impacted by restricted hours, soon forced to close at 3am opposed to 5am. The announcement comes following an October 2017 revision to the area’s sound ordinances by local officials.  

The local council will vote later this month on further limitations to music emanating from San Antonio terraces. Terraces currently hosting music until 2am could be forced to turn down by 11pm nightly.

According to local publication Diario de Ibiza, the nine undisclosed spots have been issued fines totalling £8,036 for “acoustic contamination”. Ibiza council has 44 unresolved noise complaints it is working through from last summer, which may result in an additional £30,000 in fines and closure orders to the sum of 93 days.

Venue owners, at odds with the local legislation’s opinion their presence diminishes the reputation of the region, are anticipated to quickly appeal the decision.

The region of San Jose saw repeated attempts in 2017 to silence dancefloors as well.

This move is at odds with new nightlife legislation in New York City, which recently saw the repeal of antiquated cabaret (“no dancing”) laws.

More news on these Ibiza clubs as they arrive.