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Ninja Tune's hardware delay unit is finally available

 The Zen Delay was announced in 2018, but is now ready to order

Ninja Tune's long-awaited Zen Delay hardware unit is finally available to order. Leaked way back in 2018, the unit never made it to market until now, and features a whole bunch of silky features including a valve signal path, low-pass, high-pass and band-pass filter, MIDI CC and CV control and a Drive knob. There are four modes of delay – BBD for classic 80s-chip delay, ping-pong for left-and-right channel delay effects, tape delay and standard stereo delay – and can be sync'd to external BPM via MIDI DIN, but there's also a tap tempo button. 

The unit costs €499, and the first 300 units can be snapped up at the early-bird price of €429, which is a pretty low price for the analogue-digital hybrid with this many features. Ninja Tune artist The Bug praised the prototype, saying: “The Zen Delay is the analogue delay unit I've been waiting for. Stereo warmth, tone and texture. Perfect for live abusage, and studio madness… love it” You can watch him go to town on the unit in the video below. Stay tuned to DJ Mag online for a preview video soon.