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Noods Radio launches label, Dummy Hand, with dj_2button EP

"An outlet for music from the outer fringes of the dancefloor..."


Bristol DIY station Noods Radio is launching a new label, Dummy Hands, and will christen the venture with a vinyl release from Vancouver's dj_2button.

The label, which will operate as a separate entity to the station, will champion its independent spirit to become "an outlet for music from the outer fringes of the dancefloor."

The 'Transient Communications' EP from dj_2button features "spaced out grooves designed to move your astral body," while also allowing for "moments deep in the dance," according to the artist.

dj_2button, who uses a hardware setup, explained how "a desire to be back home" informed the mood of the record. "As I felt I was on a different planet, in a different world to my own, sometimes feeling like an alien," he said.

Dummy Hand and the dj_2button release were made possible through the Incubator Fund from Youth Music, a national charity aiming to support young people up to age 25. 

Last year, Noods Radio – who have been broadcasting from Bristol's Stokes Croft since 2015 – launched a membership scheme. Noods Luver invites listeners to donate as little as £3 per month to the station in exchange for exclusive newsletters, a 20% discount off the Noods store, plus early access to various Noods events.