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NTIA unveils new insurance scheme to help independent venues fight legal action

Venues can now have the same representation as fabric when facing legal disputes...

The Night Time Industries Association (NTIA) has struck a deal with insurance specialists NDML and legal protection specialists Rradar to provide night time businesses — including music venues, clubs and bars — with financial support when tackling issues with local authorities and the Police.

The new partnership according to the NTIA will provide venues with "cover for everyday legal disputes."

NTIA's Alan Miller said the deal means, "everyone that is an NTIA member can have the same representation fabric got, without having to crowdfund.

"This is a game-changer for everyone in our industry. We will continue to champion collaboration and partnership with all stakeholders. But make no mistake, we are serious about fair treatment for our enormously loved clubs, bars, festivals, restaurants and all licensed activities."

Businesses who are part of NTIA will receive up to £500,000 for issues around "licensing issues, tax investigations [and] planning disputes from neighbouring developments."

Philip Kolvin QC, who represented fabric in the London club's successful battle to reopen, said: "Night-time venues face more risks that most businesses, including action by regulatory authorities or neighbours which can be damaging or even fatal, including to the best-run businesses."

The NTIA was setup in the wake of fabric being shut down and is up made of industry leaders — including bar and club owners — who have years of experience in the night time economy and want to be represented in the best possible light.