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NYC council to finally meet on repealing controversial ‘no dancing’ law

The meeting is set to take place 19th June…

New York City council members will meet at City Hall this Monday 19th June to discuss the repeal of the controversial Cabaret Law.

Councilman Rafael Espinal is leading the reform and has plans to institute a ‘Night Mayor’ position similar to other cities.

The law requires nightclubs and bars to purchase a specific license if they’ll be hosting a party with three or more people dancing. The permit is notoriously hard to get, with only a handful of clubs actually possessing one. Yet, some say law enforcement uses it as a crutch, citing the law whenever they need cause to enter a nightclub.

Many cities have seen their own version of ‘no dancing’ laws, but this one is particularly unnerving because of its racist roots. Originally enacted 1926, the law was set in place to prevent interracial mingling in Harlem jazz clubs. Although the law was not enforced for most of its life, conservative mayor Rudy Giuliani revamped it in the eighties in an effort to clean up the city.

Aman Ellis is a USA Digital Staff Writer. Follow him on Twitter here.