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Nyege Nyege Tapes’ Metal Preyers drop ‘The Caller’ video: Watch

The label has also announced the dates for Nyege Nyege Festival 2020

Three artists on Nyege Nyege have teamed up with AV duo Teeth Agency and UK producer Lord Tusk to release a new track as Metal Preyers.

Featuring Otim Alpha, Omutaba and Lawrence Okello from the Kampala-based arts collective, 'The Caller' is the first track to be taken from the experimental outfit’s forthcoming self-titled debut album.

Check out Denholm Hewlett’s DIY horror visuals - as well as the tracklisting and artwork for the album - below.

Released today, ‘Metal Preyers’ follows on from an EP the newfangled collective released back in January.

Coinciding with the news is the dates for the 2020 installment of Nyege Nyege Fest, which runs from 3rd to 6th September.

01. ‘Metal Preyers’
02. ‘Hard Screw’
03. ‘Peppa’
04. ‘Gizzards’
05. ‘Snake Sacrifice’
06. ‘The Caller’
07. ‘Musota Kizinga’
08. ‘Mutaba Abba’
09. ‘Night Walk’
10. ‘Wagani / Fast Screw’
11. ‘Snake Spit Defender’
12. ‘Slither Dripper’
13. ‘Double Tongue’
14. ‘Skull Head Stompeed’
15. ‘Metal Preyers Reprise’