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Octo Octa launches guide on how to build a home studio

The 30-page guide features advice on MIDI connectivity, setting up synths and a lot more

Octo Octa has launched a new guide to setting up a home studio. The epic, 30-page PDF is titled 'AKA a journey of mistakes' and outlines Octo Octa's journey through trial-and-error studio experiences over her 18-year career, including a guide to her own hardware, using a DAW, connecting and syncing machines, what gear to buy and advice around choosing things like studio monitors. 

The guide is available via the T4T Luv NRG website and is available in both Google Doc and PDF form. It focuses heavily on affordability and explaining all the studio terms, so it's perfect for someone who's new to music-making. It also features an annotated guide to Octo Octa and Eris Drew's studios for anyone who wants a peek inside the producers' working spaces. Get the guide here. The guide is labelled as version 1, so expect a potential update further down the line.