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Only 7% of artists have an inclusion rider, according to new survey

Pirate Studios polled over 700 artists from across its community for the survey

A survey carried out by Pirate Studios has revealed that only around 7% of artists have an inclusion or diversity clause in their rider.

As Pirate explains, "an inclusion rider or equity rider is a provision in an artist's contract that stipulates a certain level of diversity is met on an event line-up". The company, which runs a number of DJ studios in various cities, polled more than 700 artists within its community for the survey and also revealed that just 30% of respondents were aware of what an inclusion rider is.

One of those who has implemented an inclusion rider into his contracts is DJ and producer Om Unit. His particular clause stipulates that a promoter should book at least one person who would be defined as being a member of an under-represented group in electronic music to play on the same stage or bigger, or if a larger lineup such as a festival, a minimum of 20% of those booked should be part of a currently under-represented group in the scene. His contract also defines the term "under-represented group" in order to assist promoters.

Speaking about his reasoning for adding the clause to his contract, the DJ told Pirate: "I think it was a combination of influences really, firstly having a partner who is a woman and a DJ ... sharing her experiences was very enlightening. Also, seeing the Black Lives Matter movement influence the music world in such a positive way ... and having friends who identify as transgender or queer and speaking with them about their views and experiences."

Pirate's survey also revealed that upon learning what an inclusion rider is, 57% of respondents who didn’t have one agreed they would consider implementing one in the future. Many who wouldn’t called the clause ‘unfair’ or ‘tokenistic,’ while others feared being booked less. 43% of respondents who already have an inclusion rider in place recalled losing opportunities as a result.

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