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Optimo Trax to close in order to make way for a new “anti-fascist” label

They're taking demo submissions, too...

Optimo's JD Switch has announced that Optimo Trax, the sister label of Optimo Music, is no more.

JD Switch and Jonnie Wilkes created the label to release 33 12-inch records, which they have now achieved, and they now want to create a new imprint that has an anti-fascist stance.

In a message posted to Facebook, JD Switch, aka Keith McIvor, stated that he might one day bring Optimo Trax back but from now on he would be concentrating on the as-yet unnamed, anti-fascist imprint that "will be a lot more explicit in its intentions and message."

If you're interested in supporting the label's message, McIvor will be open to hearing your demos but with a few caveats.

"If you feel your music readily fits into the categories of house, techno, tech house, EBM, or any other easily defined genre I am NOT interested in hearing your music," he wrote.

"If your music does not have a rigid four to the floor drum pattern but will still cause people to move on a dance floor I may be more interested. The label will also take a very in your face Anti-Fascist stance, so if being aligned with that causes you concern, please don't get in touch."