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The original iPod Touch could be making a comeback

Rumours are circulating around the 20th anniversary of the ultra-popular device

Apple’s iPod Touch is rumoured to be making a comeback, 20 years after the iPod was first launched in 2001. In a tweet by contributor Steve Moser, pics of the potential new version of the popular touchscreen device were shared with the caveat that the info was a “rumour, not a leak”.

The iPod Touch was particularly popular with younger users whose parents might have thought they were too young for a phone but still wanted to give them access to apps and games. It’s also a good option for those who use Android but still want to access the iOS App Store. The most recent version was released in 2019. 

According to the tweet, the new device will be released this Autumn. Apple has been busy rolling out their new M1 chip devices – such as the new iMac and MacBook Pro.