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Over 40 music festivals have pledged to ban facial recognition technology

Activist group Fight For The Future is leading the charge against the technology

40 music festivals have gone on record to pledge not to use facial recognition technology at their events.

The move comes following canvassing by activist group Fight For The Future, who've managed to get some of the US' largest music festivals such as Coachella, Bonnaroo and SXSW to commit to the ban.

However, it's noted that a number of US festivals who were approached by Fight For The Future were unable to commit to banning the use of the technology, with Burning Man, Life Is Beautiful and Outside Lands amongst them. Many of those who see no issue with the technology say that facial recognition is opt-in only and can easily be regulated.

The activist group has been pushing its cause through social media pressure as well as the threat of economic boycotts on any festival sponsors or artists for those who do use the technology. The organisation soon plans to turn its focus to live events and promoters outside of festivals.

Burning Man's refusal to commit to a ban on facial recognition technology comes as a surprise after organisers fought off a government attempt to force tighter sanctions on the event including mandatory government-sanctioned searches of all attendees.

Fight For The Future originally launched its campaign to encourage festivals and venues to ban facial recognition technology last month.

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