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Over 500 million records have been catalogued on Discogs

The study suggests the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated interest

Over 500 million records have been catalogued on Discogs.

Three months on from revealing that vinyl sales increased by 40% in 2020, the online vinyl marketplace has announced that three million collectors have now catalogued more than 500 million releases on the platform. That figure is almost double the number that was logged in 2019.

Defined by the number of users who added at least one item in their collections, Discogs' three million users have an average 184 releases logged each. The largest individual collector reportedly has more than 512,279 releases, which is the equivalent of 2,780 times the average collection size.

"The COVID-19 pandemic undeniably accelerated interest in the value of — and passion for — recorded music," Discogs said via a post on its blog. "As the world spent more time at home in 2020, the number of music fans using Discogs to catalog their collections grew by 40% over the previous year."

The blog post continued: "Fueled by the increase in new music fans discovering records and established fans rediscovering their collections, vinyl continues to thrive as an enduring symbol of the Discogs Community’s love for music. With millions of people using the site’s Collection capabilities, we wanted to dig into how the Community uses this powerful tool."

Among other statistics, the study also explored the average worth of a Discogs collection and how collectors organise their records. Read the full study here.