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Pac-Man is heading to Ableton's Max for Live

But it's not the game we all know and love...

A version of Pac-Man is heading to Ableton Live's Max for Live, which has been developed by Isotonik Studios.

Now, it's not the game that we all know and love but instead a specially designed tool that takes cues from the original game and allows Ableton users to control variables like note velocity and length.

The new tool — which has been teased on Facebook (below) — is part of Isotonik Studios' Arcade series which reimagines classic 8-bit games — like Asteroid, Tetris and Pong — as sequencers and other music production tools.

There's no release date for the Pac-Man tool yet, but you can see the company's Asteroids sequencer in action below.

Arcade Series - Asteroids - Novation LaunchPad PRO - Demonstration from Isotonik Studios on Vimeo.