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Pandemic-proof rave suit unveiled by Los Angeles creative studio

Featuring wireless communication, speakers, vape and beverage capabilities, and a camera

A pandemic-proof rave suit has been designed by Los Angeles creative studio Production Club amid the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

The blueprints for the suit, designed to facilitate safe social distancing in venues and clubs, have been shared on Production Club’s website. The state of the art suit, named Micrashell, is fitted with an “air filtration and breathing system based on worldwide standard regulations”.  Production Club are already known in the electronic music world for their light shows for the artists of Skrillex, SOPHIE, Jack Ü and Martin Garrix.

Micrashell’s in-built wireless communication and audio features are adjustable to cater to conversations with friends on the dancefloor, ambient noise and music volume. It’s also kitted out to ensure that the wearer can drink and/or vape with it on. 

“Micrashell (patent pending) was born as a socially responsible solution to safely allow people to interact in close proximity,” Production Club’s site reads. “Specifically designed to satisfy the needs of nightlife, live events and entertainment industries, Micrashell is a virus-shielded, easy to control, fun to wear, disinfectable, fast to deploy personal protective equipment (PPE) that allows socializing without distancing.“

Micrashell is very much still in the pre-production stage, so don’t expect to be able to get your hands on one any time soon. You can learn more about it here, and check out some more images of it below.