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Paul Kalkbrenner shares cinematic visuals for new single, ‘Parachute’: Watch

The video is directed by Russian filmmaker Taisia Deeva

Paul Kalkbrenner has shared a video for his recent single, 'Parachute'.

At Tomorrowland's digital festival in July, German musician Paul Kalkbrenner debuted a brand new track for fans: 'Parachute'.

Now, Kalkbrenner has shared brand new, cinematic visuals for the vocal-heavy festival cut, directed by acclaimed Russian filmmaker, Taisia Deeva.

"Deeva’s vision for Kalkbrenner’s latest single, Parachute, is an epic slice of surrealist optimism set within a brutalist Kiev housing complex," the press release reads. "Her push and pull between other-worldly fantasy and stark backdrops explore the yo-yoing moods of hope and despair that the world has cycled through in 2020, and, above all, our continued desire for human connection."

In the visuals, characters fly through the air, suspended hundreds of feet high, swim up stairways, and jump out of 30 story windows, using no green screens and instead cranes and ropes to bring more realism to the video.

You can check out the video for 'Parachute' below.

In May, Kalkbrenner also shared a studio session video from his studio in Berlin where he previewed some of the 'Speak Up' EP. You can watch that here.

Last year, Kalkbrenner landed the No. 91 spot in the DJ Mag Top 100 DJs poll, up four places from 2018.