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Paul van Dyk announces release date for rescheduled new album ‘Guiding Light’

The album was due to be released earlier this year

Paul van Dyk has announced the release date for his rescheduled new album, ‘Guiding Light’.

After postponing the release of the album, Paul van Dyk has shared the new drop date for 'Guiding Light', which will hit shelves on August 28th. 

Originally slated for release in April this year, van Dyk released an alternative stripped-back album 'Escape Reality' in place of 'Guiding Light', explaining: “Last month it quickly became apparent that putting out an album designed for the dance floor in a largely club-less world would not be right. So focusing on music-making and a release whose function is now more intimate made a lot of sense.”

'Guiding Light' is the trance legend's 10th studio album, and will be released via VNDIT.

In February, van Dyk's wife took a PvD flag to the highest point in South America, at the summit of Aconcagua, a mountain in the Andes in Argentina. The stunt followed a similar one in August last year when the trance DJ's wife of almost three years, Margarita Moreno, took the same flag to the highest point in Europe, which is at the top of Mount Elbrus, a dormant volcano in the Caucasus Mountains in Russia.