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Paul van Dyk awarded over $12 million for life-threatening stage fall

The difficult three-year saga is finally at a close…

Paul van Dyk has been awarded over $12 million dollars following a near-fatal fall at A State Of Trance festival in February 2016.

During a performance at Armin van Buuren’s A State of Trance festival in Utrecht on 27th February 2016, the trance legend fell from the stage, suffering a severe brain injury and damage to his spine.

Now, after almost three years, as reported by The Blast, van Dyk has been given a total of $12,588,643.45 for medical bills and past and future lost profits. In the final order issued, it was deemed that ALDA had not designed the stage to be safe to stand on, nor had they warned the DJ that part of the stage was unstable.

The 47-year-old trance icon – real name Matthias Paul – will be given $2 million to go toward future medical expenses, $1.2 million for profits lost during his recovery (2016/2017) and $2.475 million for losses in the next 10 years.

After a considerable period of recovery, Paul van Dyk went on to release his album ‘From Then On’ in October 2017 and featured shortly after on the cover of DJ Mag North America, where he gave an in-depth interview about moving on from a life-changing accident.

In 2018, he released another album, ‘Music Rescues Me’.

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