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Paul van Dyk drops remix of trance classic 'For An Angel': Listen

Get the exclusive first play of Paul van Dyk's rework of his '90s trance anthem

Yesterday, Paul van Dyk announced that he will release a new album, ‘Escape Reality’, tomorrow (17th April). It will feature the Escape Remix of his '90s trance classic 'For An Angel', which we have the exclusive first play of below, 24 hours before release.

'For An Angel' was originally released in 1994, before the 'E-Werk Remix' was released in 1998 on Deviant Records, the title a homage to the E-Werk club where PvD was once a resident.

Van Dyks' new album, ‘Escape Reality’ is an ambient record, and also features reworks of other PvD classics including 'Guardian'.

PvD had previously planned to drop his ninth studio album, 'Guiding Light', later this month, but has delayed it due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The record is now slated for a summer 2020 release.

Listen to the exclusive first play of Paul van Dyk's 'For An Angel (Escape Remix)' below.

Photo: Christoph Köstlin