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Via a new exclusive interview...

Paul van Dyk, in an exclusive interview with Dancing Astronaut, dishes about his recovery after falling from a stage in Utrecht earlier this year.

On 28th February 2016, during his ASOT Utrecht performance, thousands of people worldwide watched the live stream as Paul suddenly vanished from the screen, it was later revealed that he endured a life-threatening fall from the show's DJ platform.

Though he has relaunched his VONYC Sessions online radio show and is producing again, he will never be the same. Paul states, “The diagnostics from the doctor already state that if I would be able to do 50% of what I used to, it would be considered a huge success.”

Not allowing the disappointment to overtake him, Paul is focused on the positives. He continues, “I’ll definitely keep doing and making music, general. Let’s put it this way – we’re in the good part.”

His most recent shows in the southern California and Mexico editions of Dreamstate gives both Paul and his fans gratitude.

In regard to his invitation to play Dreamstate, he states that he feels “just amazing as an artist to have the honor to be there and play.”

You can listen to Paul’s latest single, ‘Everyone Needs Love’, below.