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Peggy Gou: “I still get nervous before every gig… It means I care”

The DJ has been speaking on Apple Music's Beats 1 following the release of her DJ-Kicks mix...

With Peggy Gou's contribution to the long-running DJ-Kicks compilation series being released last week, she recently appeared on Apple Music radio station Beats 1 to speak about the mix as well as pre-gig nerves and her debut artist album.

Speaking with host Anna Lunoe on the station's Dance Chart show, she said that she's still learning to deal with the pressures of touring, but that the nerves that come before each set probably play to her advantage, and prove to her how much she cares about the quality of each gig. "I still get nervous before every gig," she admitted. "My aim is not to lose this feeling because it means I care. As soon as I lose that, it would mean I don’t care so much anymore, and I don't like that. And that’s the moment that I will find something else to do... that makes me feel the same butterfly."

Gou also revealed that she is aiming to have her debut album completed by sometime next year, though she also admitted that her busying touring schedule is getting in the way of progress on the project. "I also want to do a live set," she said. "So this will take time because I don’t want to do a boring set where you just play with a laptop, you know, I want to create something cool. This will take time, but it's coming."

She also explained the thought process that went into her DJ-Kicks mix. "For this mix, I wanted to create something special. So I reached out to some of my favourite producers to ask if they have some exclusive tracks, and I also wanted this mix to be a little journey, with some club music and dance music, but also I wanted to include music that inspires me that has nothing to do with dance music. So it was challenging for me, but I must say, I’m quite proud of my mix and the artists that I got involved in this mix."

To listen to the full interview, head here.

Peggy is amongst the huge list of names set to appear at DC-10 in Ibiza across this summer for Circoloco. Earlier this year, she launched her new label, Gudu Records, with the 'Moment' EP.