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Pensioners will get free entry to fabric this Sunday

 So much better than a bus pass...

Party promoters Wet Your Self have announced that pensioners will get free entry into their party at fabric this Sunday.

The gesture is a way of celebrating a Polish couple — both in their 70s — who spent an entire evening at the legendary club last year for one of Wet Your Self's parties and ended up raving until 5am.

"Today it's one year since this inspirational couple (below) made headlines around the world when they came to Wet Your Self! at fabric and partied until 5am in the morning," explained the party's promoters via Facebook.

"They later actively joined the campaign to #savefabric when it got closed down. Today we would like to honour these legends by offering free entry for pensioners for this Sunday — we know they've got Monday off so there is no excuse."

Proof, then, you're never too old to rave.