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Martin Guttridge-Hewitt
30 October 2023, 13:02

Perfume inspired by “high-octane energy of hardcore techno raves” goes on sale

The manufacturer has described the scent as "dark and hard" 

Perfume inspired by “high-octane energy of hardcore techno raves” goes on sale

A new perfume inspired by the "high-octane energy of hardcore techno raves" has gone on sale. 

Developed by niche fragrance brand UFO Parfums, 165 BPMs is a limited edition product that follows on from previous scents including Anal, Hentai, and Liquid. According to the launch press release, the latest addition to the company's unconventional repertoire draws "inspiration from the adrenalin-fuelled rhythms of rave", pays homage to the early gabber of 1990s Rotterdam, and offers tribute to the Snakepit, a space close to the LA river synonymous with underground parties in the city. 

The fragrance is made from a number of unusual ingredients, almost 80% of which are completely natural. These include Araucaria, Buddhawood, Honeysuckle Absolute, Massoia Bark, Bulgarian Rose Otto, Roman Chamomile, Silver Fir, and Spikenard. Described as "dark and hard", an accompanying video piece has been made by California-based artists Emma Pryde which features Los Angeles rave icon Baseck. 

Baseck has also contributed a new compilation album which is released to support the perfume. Work from Anna Morgan, Aura T-09, DJ Girl, DJ Manny, Otodojo, and Tim Reaper features, to name but a few, and all proceeds from sales of the audio will be paid directly to the artists.

You can pre-order the fragrance here, and album here