The Croatian DJ local spills the beans on where to eat, sleep & party...

To celebrate the release of Petar Dundov's fifth artist album entitled ‘At The Turn Of Equilibrium’, the talent producer and DJ has put together a wicked guide to the Croatian capital of Zagreb, especially for DJ Mag travellers. A stalwart of the Croatian underground scene and a fine purveyor of sophisticated melodic techno, Dundov has been on our radar for over a decade — trust us when we say, this guy knows a thing or two about the best spots in his hometown!

You can nab his new album ‘At The Turn Of Equilibrium’ here, listen to it via SoundCloud below, and check out the guide too. 

HANG OUT: Maksimir Park
"If​ ​it’s warm and sunny, don’t have any second thoughts about spending an afternoon in Maksimir. ​It's ​Zagreb’s equivalent of NYC's Central Park​ and is​ a huge area on the east side of town covered with leafy forests, meadows and five lakes. There’s also a very nice cafe on the end of the main road, but good luck finding a place to sit. Better idea: rent a boat and chill at the centre of the second lake. ​Just ​wonderful!" 

​​CULTURE: Museum of Broken Relationships
If you​'re ​up for visiting museums in Zagreb, this ​is one ​you​ wont​ want to miss. Located in​ Upper Town​,​ the Museum of Broken Relationships explores the concept of broken hearts and exhibits a personal legacy of items after love is lost. As something everyone can relate to, it touches you deeply, and gives you a new perspective on what ​the ​emotional bond between two people really is." 

​​EAT: Mundoaka
"This is probably my favourite place ​out ​of all the small restaurants that​ have​ popped up ​in Zagreb's ​downtown. This one’s quite small so you’ll have to reserve a table​ a​ few days in advance, but the food is pretty spectacular. Plus​,​ it’s right next to Zagreb’s main square so it’s convenient if you’re checking out the cathedral or something close​.​" ​​

EAT: Bacchus
"This jazz bar ​is one​ I highly recommend even if you’re not into jazz. ​It's ​on​e​ of those places which ha​s​ been open in Zagreb for a while, but only became more popular as the jazz scene decentralised after the closure of famous nightspot, the BP club.​ It's​ a pretty amazing and intimate setting​ and has a​ terrace full of plants​ — the general vibe just make​s​ you ​not​ want to ever leave. Plus, if you are into jazz, they do almost daily jam sessions with some of the best musicians Zagreb has to offer."

​​STAY: Swanky
"There are many places to stay in Zagreb, but if you​'re​ looking for something nice and affordable Swanky ​H​ostel ​has very quickly become​ a central place for young tourists ​to stay ​​since​ it opened. The place is always vibrant, and with all the afternoon/evening DJ sessions they do, it’s just a fun place to spend time. They also have a very nice back yard which is open from spring until fall."

​PARTY: ​Masters Club
"Zagreb has a solid amount of clubs that throw parties on a weekly basis, and you won’t have a hard time finding out about them, but make sure to stop by this place.​ It's​ ​a​ small daytime cafe with a living room vibe​ that​ turns into a very intense party place with one of the best sound systems in town. The program is quite colourful, from dub/reggae to house music, with some parties going way into the next day."