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A petition to erect a Keith Flint statue in The Prodigy’s hometown has been launched

The statue would reside in Flint’s hometown of Braintree, Essex...

A petition has been launched to erect a statue in memory of late Prodigy vocalist Keith Flint in the band’s hometown of Braintree, Essex.

A legendary figure in UK dance music, Flint was found dead in his home in Dunmow, Essex on Monday 4th March. He was 49. It was later confirmed that the peerless performer and rave icon had died by suicide.

Flint became an unmistakable figurehead for the UK rave movement in the ‘90s after providing vocals and featuring in the video for The Prodigy’s era-defining single ‘Firestarter’. He went on to perform with the band for two decades alongside producer Liam Howlett and fellow vocalist and dancer, Maxim.

The petition has already come close to reaching its target of 6000 signatures, and states that a statue being raised in honour of Braintree’s “most famous son” would help “inspire the people to follow their dreams".

“The plan will be when it reaches a monumental amount of signatures to present it to the council and see what they may be able to discuss/contribute,” the petition reads. “It’s early days yet obviously but hopefully the outcome will be the right one. My parents generation had the Beatles & The Rolling Stones. My generation had The Prodigy, Manchester has Oasis, Braintree has The Prodigy.”

Sign the petition here.

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