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Pharrell Williams threatens to sue Donald Trump

The singer is definitely not 'Happy'... 

Pharrell Williams has threatened to sue Donald Trump after the hit single 'Happy' was used at a rally in Indiana before the US President took to the stage, just hours after the recent mass shooting at a synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, left 11 people dead. 

Howard King, a lawyer representing Williams, issued a cease and desist letter to the most powerful man in the world:

“Pharrell has not, and will not, grant you permission to publicly perform or otherwise broadcast or disseminate any of his music.

“On the day of the mass murder of 11 human beings at the hands of a deranged ‘nationalist’, you played his song ‘Happy’ to a crowd at a political event in Indiana.  There was nothing ‘happy’ about the tragedy inflicted upon our country on Saturday and no permission was granted for your use of this song for this purpose.”

Although it's unlikely Trump selected the song himself as this wasn't one of his own 'Make America Great Again' rallies, he has been told continued use of the track could result in a law suit. Unsurprisingly, this isn't the first time Trump has upset the music world.

The Rolling Stones, Queen, Adele, Elton John and Aerosmith have all previously called on the President to stop using their work at political events. Meanwhile, Apogee and Moog have criticised his decision to impose a 25% tax on components imported from China.

News of the warning from Williams comes as the US prepares to vote in the upcoming mid-term elections. Find out why Robert Hood, Noncompliant, Gunnar Haslam, Ambivalent and Heartthrob believe it's essential for Americans to hit the polls on 6th November in our recent feature on the subject