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Piino envisioned as “sketchbook” for producers

An ultra-portable synth for when inspiration strikes…

Piino is currently being developed as a “sketchbook” for musicians. Designed by Jack Marple, the ultra-compact synthesizer merges a classic wooden exterior with a modern internal interface.

Still in the concept phase, Piino is equipped with 16 keys, six customizable effects presets, two effects sliders, four effect knobs, input/output jack, a touch screen, a loop station, a three-inch speaker, and a wooden trackpad to further manipulate and fine-tune tones.

No release date or pricing information is currently available. Find a few pictures and sketches below. 

Groovebox is another portable option currently available on the market. On the more grandiose side of synths, the last Emerson Moog modular system is currently being exhibited before it's sold for $150,000.