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Pioneer DJ make their mix recording and streaming app free for 90 days

DJM-REC has had its trial extended and its limit reset for all users 

Pioneer DJ has made their mix recording and streaming app DJM-REC free for 90 days. The original trial period of 30 days has been extended to 90 and users who exhausted their trial already have had their limit reset, so can use the app again for free. 

The app can record mixes directly from certain compatible mixers using a single USB cable from the USB send and return port – otherwise, it supports any USB core audio devices that your phone or tablet does. It’s also a great option for streaming your sets to Facebook, YouTube and more, as the app can stream directly to those services. You can also share your set to Mixcloud, SoundCloud, Dropbox and Dubset once it’s recorded. Download the iOS app here

Other free software during the current coronavirus lockdown includes Ableton Live and Apple’s Logic Pro X.