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Police break up illegal rave in a filthy sewer in Newcastle

Taking the underground to a new level...

The Police were called in to break up an illegal rave in a sewer in Newcastle on Sunday morning after 200 revellers waded through a river to get to the underground location.

The illegal rave took place in a tunnel below a bridge on the River Ouseburn, where around 200 people had to wade through filthy water and cramped conditions to get to the event.

The rave was then raided by Northumbria Police at around 4am after one worried raver contacted authorities over safety fears.

The event, which featured a full lighting rig and sound system, has been condemned by police as incredibly “dangerous”.

The illegal rave was advertised on Facebook beforehand, where the organisers disclosed a local pub to meet up at before the 200-strong group made their way to the underground tunnel.

It is thought that the rave was organised by local University students.

The Police have since launched an investigation into the illegal underground rave.