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Police called to school after DJ lesson goes on until 3am

Headteacher was “mortified”...

The Police had to breakup a planned DJ lesson at school in Nottingham after 250 people turned up and the lesson quickly escalated into a full-blown rave. 

According to a report from the Nottingham Post, the police were called to Rushcliffe School in Nottingham at around 2am on Sunday 12th March to breakup a DJ lesson that had escalated into a full-blown rave.

The pre-planned lesson was meant to finish at 10:30pm but when 250 people turned up the lesson quickly escalated into a proper rave.

The police were called in to regain control of the situation after some damage was caused to the school and the school’s fire alarm system was triggered.

The DJ lesson was being run by an external company, Field Sports Management, but quickly got out of hand. 

Steve Lewis, head teacher at Rushcliffe School, said: "Sadly staff were not on site, the person was known to them (Field Sports Management). They were given the responsibility and that responsibility was placed in the wrong hands.

"There was 250 people and it lasted until 3.30am, and at one point the fire brigade got called out because the smoke alarm went off.

"We are absolutely mortified by it. It is nothing that the school would ever want to be connected with, or Field Sports Management. We are part of the community and want to support it and be good residents."