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Porter Robinson distances himself from previous material

US producer confirms tweets weren't sarcastic...

Porter Robinson has confirmed his recent tweets denouncing the majority of his past material are serious.

The US artist shared a Spotify playlist containing just 11 of his tracks on Tuesday with the words, "No disrespect but this is the canon," adding, "Everything else is unofficial now."

Tunes included the majority of his 2014 debut album 'Worlds', his collabs with Madeon and Mat Zo, and his remix of 'The Thrill' by Nero.

Following the announcement, many assumed Robinson to be joking, however he's now released a statement via Snapchat confirming he really is distancing himself from his old work.

“Don’t wanna bump that thread on Twitter but because people are misunderstanding it: I am literally saying those are the only songs that I stand by," says Robinson.

"I was not being sarcastic. That was a playlist that I made to showcase the music that I feel proud of. It was not sarcasm. That tweet was 100% unprovoked by anything specific. Just wanted to let you know how I feel!”

Robinson has also strangely updated the This Is: Porter Robinson playlist since, added a host of new songs while removing some of the originals. Check it out below.