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Porter Robinson releases Virtual Self EP: Listen

Hear the producer's new side project...

Porter Robinson has unveiled a new five-track EP from his side project Virtual Self which acts as an outlet for his more leftfield productions.

Yes, Robinson does have an experimental side, proof of which can be heard across the self-titled EP's five tracks which range from trance to breakbeat and everything in between.

The EP contains three brand-new cuts — 'Particle Arts', 'a.i.ngel (Become God)', and 'Key' — alongside previously released tracks 'Ghost Voices' and 'EON BREAK'.

'Particle Arts' sees Robinson try his hand at glitchy, EDM-caked D&B and it largely falls falling between two stools, satisfying neither end of the spectrum, whilst 'Ghost Voices' fairs a little better, combining low-slung deep house basslines with trance-y top lines.

'a.i.ngel (Become God) falls somewhere between trance and big beat, and again sounds a bit disjointed, whilst 'Key' and 'EON BREAK' close out the somewhat confusing EP on an EDM and trance tip, respectively.

Make of it what you will but it's cool to see Robinson experiment with new sounds and influences — it's just a shame some of the tracks don't quite hit the mark for our money.

Robinson has announced that he will be soon performing under his new alias, with his first Virtual Self performance rumoured to be happening on 8th December at Brooklyn's Avant Garden venue.

Listen to the whole EP below.