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Porter Robinson renames own festival Second Sky following backlash from Oakland event

Multiverse festival has officially been renamed...

Porter Robinson's Multiverse festival has officially been renamed Second Sky Fest.

The news comes after the festival came under fire from a similarly-named local festival, The Multivrs Is Illuminated, who accused Multiverse as being "a continuation of the ongoing violence and discrepancies in power that continue to produce disenfranchisement within cultural production.”

Robinson responded by writing, "a couple days ago we found out about another oakland music event called ‘the multivrs is illuminated’ — i feel like the right thing to do is to change the name of our festival. it took a little time to sort out the logistics, but we’re changing it to Second Sky Music Festival!”

The new development comes as the first names for the festival - which takes places in Oakland, California on Saturday, 15 June - are being announced.

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