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Olivia Stock
4 May 2023, 13:39

Posthumous Conrad EP ‘Firefly’ released in memory of late producer: Listen

The six-track EP celebrates his life through music

A photo of Conrad standing in front of a field of flowers
Shared via JustGiving

London electronic musician Conrad Colson’s fourth EP, ‘Firefly’ was released on April 14th, just over a year after the artist passed away. 

Released via Closer To Truth, it’s the label’s 100th release and was released in commemoration of Conrad, who died by suicide after a long battle with Body Dysmorphic Disorder. You can listen to it below.

The ‘Firefly’ EP brings together the jazz and electronic dance music influences that Conrad blended in output. It was composed during the COVID-19 pandemic and his close friends decided that the title, ‘Firefly’ summed up those feelings of both trepidation and joy at the ending of uncertainty, describing it as the “soundtrack to un-lockdown”.

Crackazat, who co-produced the EP with Elliot Hollins, spoke about Conrad: “It gives me immense pride to be part of Conrad’s ‘Firefly’ EP. As an old beat making buddy of mine he was an immensely talented producer and in my eyes was creating deep house music at a level that put him amongst the scenes finest, albeit in his humble privacy. My deepest gratitude goes to Closer to Truth for signing Conrad’s music after all these years and gracefully hosting the release of this stunning, evocative and mesmerising EP.”

His father, Richard Colson, described his innovative approach to production: “Conrad was always composing and searching out intricate combinations of rhythm, melody, and vocals, layering these in imaginative temporal soundscapes.”

Conrad’s earlier work, under the Inkliing alias, was heavily influenced by old school hip-hop, which later transitioned into downtempo jazz and trip-hop. You can listen to more releases from Conrad’s catalogue here.  

You can support the BDD Foundation in memory of Conrad here.

Listen to ‘Firefly’ below.