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Powder’s Thinner Groove label announces new album from her band, 5AM

The outfit also features one half of Cos/Mes, 5ive, and multidisciplinary artist Andry

Powder's Thinner Groove record label has announced a new album from her band 5AM. 'Pre ZZ' will land on 31st August digitally, before becoming available on cassette and vinyl. 

The outfit also includes fellow Japanese electronic artists and long-time friends 5ive —  one half of Cos/Mes — and multidisciplinary creative Andry. 

"5AM plays about time, sings about observation, and thinks about texture, atmosphere, and listening-space. Caring of subtle things for the big picture," Powder said of the project. "Some small sprinkle of melancholia but it’s also funny as well. Unexpected sounds and vocal grows on, and may make some smile."

Ten brand new tracks feature, which the press information says are made to be experienced differently on different devices. A remastered version of the group's first single, 'Today', also features. The material was recorded through studio jams and remote work during 2020 and 2021, and the first of the fresh tunes, 'Loosing My Mind' [sic], is already available to stream online. 

Powder's 2019 mix for Tim Sweeney's Beats In Space, 'Powder In Space', made it into DJ Mag's top 25 compilations of that year