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Premiere: Hemi 'Chimes (Kiwi Remix)'

Emerging producer Kiwi sets his stall out in emphatic fashion on Petra Digital's latest from Turkish producer Hemi...

Perhaps its one of the country’s worst kept secret when it comes to electronic music, but the Petra Digital label has embarked on something of a golden patch of late. As likely to feature homegrown talent as it is internationally acclaimed acts, theirs is a canny way of working that’s endearing them to a host of discerning house heads and giving them a steadily rising and well deserved profile. Their latest comes at us from Turkish producer Hemi, whose brilliant ‘Chimes’ EP is a joyous, deep, melodic venture that we can't recommend enough. The original mix is frankly excellent, but we've found ourselves particularly taken by Kiwi's remix. The London-based producer is on a well deserved rise at present and we were pleased to have premiered a track off his recent EP on Disco Halal just a few weeks ago. 

A steadily rolling house track, Kiwi’s remix is a fun, dance-ready affair with a lush, melodic edge. Characterised by a bouncing bassline and an endless array of billsful vibes, it’s precisely the sort of weapon with which the label has built its reputation on over the years. If this is a sign of things to come for label and respective artists in 2018, then we’re in for a veritable treat.

You can listen to Kiwi’s remix of ‘Chimes’ below and make sure to look out for the full release when it drops on the 20th April on Petra Digital.