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Premiere: Biochip 'Dusty Dossier'

Favouring elements of acid, techno and electro, Biochip mark their first release via Central Processing Unit. Listen to the infectious, industrial groove and bubbling urgency of 'Dusty Dossier' now 

Canada's Biochip will release their debut EP, 'Synthase', on 9th August via CPU Records.

The Montreal-based duo, comprised of producers Melissa Spears and Julian Kochanowski, recorded the eight-track project live on their analog set-up, and will join the likes of B12, Maelstrom and Mikron on the ever-reliable Sheffield label.

Drifting between genres, the EP flirts with dreamy synths and '80s influenced electro on tracks like 'Simulated Events' and 'M.O', before veering into darker territory with the acid-tinged techno and pounding drums of 'Acid Billy'.

Closer 'Dusty Dossier' sits somewhere between house and electro. While the bouncing rhythm of the bassline holds a steady groove throughout, bubbling, effervescent synth breaks through to add a hint of urgency to the track. 

Pre-order 'Synthase' here and listen to 'Dusty Dossier' below.