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Premiere: Ecotone ‘Envy’

Ecotone is next up on Bloody Mary’s Dame-Music imprint with the ‘Under His Eye’ EP. Hear the eerie and transportive electro cut, ‘Envy’, now…

Ecotone will release the ‘Under His Eye’ album sampler EP via Bloody Mary’s Dame-Music on 8th February.

The Berlin-based live artist and producer, whose live sets and productions fuse elements of bassy techno, electro and IDM, will be releasing a full LP through the label on 22nd Feb, with the preceding album sampler EP serving as a four-track teaser for the full release.

Dame-Music has been building quite a reputation since launching in 2010, with 37 releases notched from the likes of Josh Wink, Hardfloor, Thomas P. Heckmann and KiNK.

From propulsive techno stormer, ‘Lust’, to the sludgy downtempo acid of ‘Sloth’, this EP is a moody, atmospheric trip that’s as absorbing as it is heavy. ‘Envy’ – which you can hear below – is a coarse electro cut with an eerie, transportive ambience weaving through its sharp foundation.

You’ll be able to get the EP from Dame-Music’s Bandcamp.