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Premiere: Ekkohaus ‘Mataro (Disco Felino Remix)'

Emerging Spanish producer delivers a deep rolling remix of Ekkohaus' original...


A few months back, burgeoning Spanish imprint Cenital Recordings made a statement of intent courtesy of Greek producer Ekkohaus, who delivered with aplomb on the expert sounds of the ‘E for Ekko’ EP. Their latest endeavour sees them capitalise on the release’s appeal with a remix package featuring no less than six reworks. Among those playing prominent roles here are Marcos in Dub, Rafa Santos, Fractalis, Hyman Bass and Cenital boss, Oncina. It also comes with a remix by emerging Spanish producer Disco Felino, who perks things up up with an emphatic reinterpretation of Ekkohaus’ ‘Mataro’. 

A deep, grooving affair with enough headiness to turn the track into a full-bodied trip, the track kicks off in relatively subtle fashion before we’re greeted with an array of incessant kicks and flickering synths. As the beat joins and the track’s full rhythm starts to take shape, it builds and builds, resulting in a hypnotic cut that ebbs and flows but also possesses an epic, dance-friendly vibe that’s hard not to fawn over. 

The ‘E for Ekko’ remix package offers ample proof of the label’s knack for shrewd A&R work and is also indicative of the close-knit community that comprises the label. You can listen to the Disco Felino remix of ‘Matako’ below, and be sure to check out the full release when it drops 17th April on Cenital Music.