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Premiere: Pelati Riviera 'Love For The Party'

Assured sounding work from the burgeoning Italian trio...

'Love For The Party’ is the new Pelati Riviera track from the ‘Dear House, With Love’ EP that comes at us via Swedish imprint, Clouded House. Label boss Lukas Lyrestam asked each of the four contributors to produce a track that captures exactly what they love about house music - and the results are emphatic. Joining Pelati Riviera and Lyrestam on the release are PothOles and British producer, Ben Gomori.

An homage to classic Italian house, ‘Love For The Party’ captures just that wonderful feeling when you're dancing at sundown with beautiful people. The duo, DJ Soch and Rame (from Pastaboys, have fulfilled Lyrestam's remit with distinction, with the fun, funky basslines to the disco drum beat to the floating, wistful synths all forcing a distinct impression. There are no major rises and falls on ‘Love For The Party’, just a beautiful track designed to put a smile on your face and to get you on the dancefloor.

‘Love For The Party’ is only Pelati Riviera’s third track, the first and second being two remixes of Tameka Starr’s ‘Going In Circles’. If this auspcious start is anything to by, Pelati Riviera will continue to enthrall for some time yet. The rest of the release captures three more unique perspectives on house, showing just how diverse the genre can be and how confident Clouded House are in putting out such a stylistically varied release.

You can listen to ‘Love For The Party’ below. ‘Dear House, With Love’ drops on 23rd March.