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Premiere: Posthuman ‘Wish Mountain’

Acid veterans Posthuman ready their first LP in eight years, ‘Mutant City Acid’, on Balkan Vinyl. ‘Wish Mountain’ closes the album off on eerie, minimal and percussive form…

UK acid veterans Posthuman will return with their first LP since 2010’s ‘Syn Emergence’ on 26th November. ‘Mutant City Acid’ will be released via their own Balkan Vinyl label on double coloured 12" with an accompanying ambient version also being available on a limited edition cassette.

This album finds the duo of Rich Bevan and Josh Doherty in cinematic territory, describing the 10-track collection as a “journey into and through a nightmarish urban sprawl, under the glow of neon skyscrapers in a dystopian near-future”.

The LP is intended as a companion piece to the four-part ‘Mutant City Acid’ V/A EP series from 2017 and, as the duo explain in an official statement, it is “inspired by the sounds and design of late ‘80s and early ‘90s sci-fi computer games”.

Those influences aren’t hard to detect, with eerie, dystopian atmospheres and ominous spoken vocals drifting across the album’s tripped-out beats and robotic leads. It all closes with ‘Wish Mountain’, a minimal techno outing with glitchy vocal samples and a spectral melody. You can hear it in all its sci-fi glory below.

Pre-order ‘Mutant City Acid’ from Balkan Vinyl’s Bandcamp.