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Premiere: Razat 'Simplicity'

The posthumous release comes via 1985 Music... 

Razat — the Portuguese bass producer, who sadly died last year — has a posthumous release coming via Alix Perez's 1985 Music.

Real name Baltazar Gallego, Razat was known for experimenting across mutiple genres, from dupstep to hip-hop and drum & bass, the latter of which saw him release on Flexout Audio and Vandal LTD.

He passed away in August 2018 following a long battle with cancer, he was just 31.

Razat's track 'Simplicity' will now be released as part of the 'Edition 2' compilation on 1985 Music. The follow-up to 2017's 'Edition 1', it also features music from the likes of Monty, Halogenix, Lewis James and Fixate.

'Simplicity', as its name suggests, uses basic elements for maximum impact. A tough stepping beat paired with gnarly bass wubbs and eerie atmospherics — pure dancefloor material.

'Edition 2' is out 1st March, head here to pre-order.