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Swedish duo drop polyrhythmic club killer... 

SHXCXCHCXSH return with their fourth album 'OUFOUFOF' next month, and we've secured pulsating cut 'UUOUUOUU' for an exclusive first listen.

More club-friendly than their previous work (and we use the term club-friendly as loosely as possible) the album is based around polyrythmic experiments — "the main focus being our relationship with the dancers' minds and how we do our best to fuck with them”, say the duo.

It's a concept that find throbbing kicks arranged in interesting structures, far from the four-to-the-floor standard of club-techno.

Take today's premiere 'UUOUUOUU', where the tribal rhythm is both playful and driving, while layers of serrated synths and fuzzy noise add texture and density.

Out via the Swedes' Rösten imprint on 5th November, you can grab the full album from then via the label Bandcamp