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Premiere: Soundbwoy Killah ‘Escape Velocity’

 Soundbwoy Killah readies his debut album, ‘Halcyon Daze’, on Sneaker Social Club. Listen to the hazy, acid house nostalgia of ‘Escape Velocity’ now

Soundbwoy Killah returns to Sneaker Social Club this month with his debut album, 'Halcyon Daze'

Incoming on the 23rd August, the British DJ and producer blends house, acid, garage and jungle on ‘Halcyon Daze’ in an ode to true rave nostalgia. The album follows in the footsteps of ‘Come My Selector’, Killah’s last release of “Heavy, effective 1990s UK Hardcore/UKG revival cuts”.

‘Halcyon Daze’ paints a diverse and colourful club landscape through its ten tracks, ranging from ‘Tom Likes To Rave’, an echo of synth-heavy trance progression, to ‘Under The Influence’, a perfect mix of down-tempo breaks and emotive vocals.

Opener ‘Escape Velocity’ sets up the album’s nostalgic feel with an MC addressing a crowd at a venue that’s been raided by Police, promising a summer party will follow. The track strays away from its initial hazy house rhythm, spiralling into bubbling acid and cutting kick drums.

Listen to ‘Escape Velocity’ below and pre-order ‘Halcyon Daze’ here