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Premiere: Spektre 'Against a Dark Background'

British duo Spektre will join Pleasurekraft's Kraftek imprint later this month with a new album. Hear the haunting atmosphere and no-holds-barred drums on title track, 'Against a Dark Background', now

Spektre are set to release a new album.

The british production duo, comprised of Paul Maddox and Rich Wakley, have been working together under the Spektre moniker for 15 years, and deliver their latest project via Pleasurekraft's Kraftek imprint later this month.

Coming as their third studio album, and marking the first since 'Cyclic Operations' on Toolroom in 2013, 'Against A Dark Background' features 12 tracks, and will be released on the 31st January.

Moving through intense, synth-heavy techno, to lighter tracks steeped in house and breakbeat sentiments, the album is testament to Spektre's long-standing position as innovators of unique, club-ready sounds.

The title track emerges from a haze of all-consuming drums, with haunting synth and an intense breakdown towards the end. It's a a big room track that's primed for warehouse play.

Listen to 'Against A Dark Background' below and pre-order the album here.