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Premiere: Valicha 'Traído Por El Viento'

Peruvian DJ and producer Valicha joins NÓTT’s second compilation with a vibrant and experimental effort. Listen to ‘Traído Por El Viento’ now…

Peruvian DJ, producer and Arista Festival founder Valicha teams up with Colombia’s feminist collective NÓTT on a new compilation EP, out 11th July.

Entitled ‘Austral’, the compilation features original productions from several female Latin American DJs and producers, encompassing NÓTT's overarching ethos to “explore the relationship between the mind/body/spirit with the environment of the sounds”.

Valicha's contribution to 'Austral', 'Traído Por El Viento', is a conceptual, experimental exploration of classic Latin American music and the modernity of the current electronic soundscape. 

Transcendental guitar licks, abstract vocals and flashes of electro all come together on 'Traído Por El Viento' for a devastatingly original offering.

Pre-order the 'Austral' compilation EP here and check out 'Traído Por El Viento' below.