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The Prodigy part ways with guitarist Rob Holliday

The core trio remain intact...

The Prodigy have parted ways with long-time live guitarist Rob Holliday. The iconic electronic trio of Liam Howlett, Keith Flint and Maxim send the longtime collaborator off with a “good luck man”.

Aside from a minor break in 2007, Holliday had been a regular member of the band since 2005, including a studio credit on 2015’s ‘The Day Is My Enemy’.

An appearance at Bilboa Festival in Spain is the band’s lone remaining 2017 live performance. No details on a potential fill-in for Holliday; however, the trio have been known to recruit artists for select live dates.

While details on Holliday’s departure are vague, his project Sulpher has been hinting at a 2017 release. The Prodigy fans patiently await a 2017 extended-length offering as well