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The Prodigy’s Maxim is releasing an NFT

It accompanies his latest mixed media series, 'Hope'

The Prodigy's Maxim has launched a series of NFTs in collaboration with digital artist WLS, who's worked with the likes of The Prodigy, Madonna and Pixar in the past.

The NFTs follows on from the launch of his most recent exhibition, 'Hope', which was made available to view online, as well as at London's 99 Projects gallery. That exhibition, created with artist Dan Pearce, included 50 limited edition sculptures, which were based on Pearce's son wearing a gas mask and preparing to pull the pin on a clear, resin grenade. The grenade contained a heart, which was said to represent the hope offered by vaccines as a number of countries emerge out of extended COVID-19 lockdowns.

The resin grenades containing the hearts have been repurposed into the NFT series, which are now available via the Rarible platform on Friday. The series consists of 16 various grenades available in 1/1 and ⅕ copies. NFTs are unique as each has a special sound cover. The animations are accompanied by original music compositions created and produced by Maxim. 
You can find more information via Rarible, and find out more about Maxim's music and art project here.
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