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Q&A: Jaguar Skills on the #VIPenguin DJ Competition

Find out what Jags is looking out for, and then enter your mixes!

Iconic fashion brand Original Penguin are offering one lucky DJ the opportunity to perform alongside some of the biggest names in UK music at this year’s Sundown Festival.

Judged by the multi genre, cut and edit DJ king Jaguar Skills alongside Sundown Festival and our erstwhile Editor Carl Loben, this could be your chance to play the festival set of your dreams.

We caught up with Jaguar Skills to find out what he is looking for in the entries. If you haven't already, you can enter your mixes here!

What are you looking forward to at your set at Sundown?

"I absolutely love doing festivals - its a real honour to be able to rock a huge crowd of nutters! Sundown is wicked fun every time. I'm super hyped for it."

Do you vary your style when playing festivals instead of clubs?

"I view a festival set as the ultimate tear up set. Just some no holds barred, full on, audio blast off. The amount of people at a festival and the size of the sound system really makes certain records explode. You could play them in the club, but it might not have the same impact. I guess with the club set you can afford to go a little deeper in the track selection. Really depends tho. It all depends on who you're playing to…thinking about it, I pretty much play with the same intensety no matter where I play!"

As a DJ, you are very technical, and turntablism is at the heart of your style. Are you looking for a DJ with a similar skillset in this competition, or could a ‘blend’ DJ grab your attention too?

"Not at all. I'm open to anything at all. Any music and any style of DJing. I'm really excited to hear some fresh shit. Something that grabs me. And that could be anything."

What’s more important to you, technical skills or track selection?

"Ultimately - for me - it boils down to selection. It's selection first and foremost. You can be a great DJ just by selecting great music. That's really all you need. Being able to join them together is cool too…but if you're seamlessly joining crappy music together - then it's pointless. I'd much rather listen to non mixed dope music, then perfectly mixed bullshit. Having said that, I'm looking for technicality too. Give me wicked tunes and flip them."

What advice would you give to DJs entering this competition?

"Just give me some wicked shit! I want to hear amazing tunes, and I want you to mix them, chop them, flip them, blend them in an exciting way. I want to hear the DJ's personality, cos anyone can pretty much mix anything these days. Do something exciting. Can't wait to hear the mixes!"

For a chance to win a DJ set at Sundown Festival, enter your mix here.